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New York City Cab Advice

Going to New York City? Well.. here is some advice we have for your trip. Take a cab. It's easy, environmentally more friendly than driving your own car and you will likely get to where you are going faster than any other method of transportation. So a few helpful hints curtesy of

How do you know if a cab is available?
Cabbies can be found all over the city. They are those ugly yellow cars that speed down the streets of Manhattan. When looking for a cabbie, look for the numbers found on the roof of the car. If the numbers are illuminated, that means that the cab is empty and available for you to take. If the numbers are dark, that means that the cab already has someone taking a ride, so look for another one.

Hailing a Cab
Now, hailing a cab is an art all its own. It's also considered a competition. When hailing a cab, you need to make sure that you do two things: stand at or just off the curb and have arm extend straight up and out so that the cabbie can see you. An experienced cab-hailer really knows how to do this right. But don't laugh at them even though they look like they're about to jump on top of the hood of the cab. This is all a competition because if you are in a busy spot and a lot of people are waiting for a cab, you will be waiting for a while unless you "fight" for the cab. Walk quickly to catch the cab or else someone will beat you to it. Also, if you are staying at a hotel that has a doorman and it's a little bit nippy outside, you might want to ask him/her to hail a cab for you. They are more likely to catch a cab quicker than a "lay" person.

Now that you are inside the cab there are several things that you should do or be aware of:
-- Speak in a loud and clear voice when telling the cabbie where you are going. There is a thick piece of plexi-glass separating the driver from you so it's kind of hard for them to hear you otherwise.
-- Listen for the meter clicks. The meter should only click every 4 or 5 blocks. Any more, it's illegal! If this happens, take down the cabbies medallion number, license plate number, whatever and report it immediately. If you don't, it's ok. But it's your money.
-- When your ride is over, make sure that you get a receipt. If for any reason, you want to make a complaint or you need to get back something that you lost, the medallion number and telephone number is on the receipt.
-- Tip the driver only if you feel that the driver "deserves" it and did a good job. If you're tipping, be sure that you tip 15% or more. This goes for anyplace that allows tipping. So if your ride is $10, tip the cabbie about $2.
-- Lastly, smile! You're on camera. Because of rash robberies, cameras have been installed in most cabs to keep track of who goes into the cabs.

The Rate
The rate of a cab ride changes. But if you're not sure, just look on the outside of the door to the cab. Currently, the initial rate is about $3.50 and then about $0.50 is added on to either every 1/5th of a mile or every 120 seconds that you are stopped (in traffic). If you go over a bridge, you (not the cabbie) are responsible for the toll.

Prices Subject to Change.

Have fun.

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