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Ft. Myers Beach Florida Offers a Cure for the Winter Doldrums

When the cold weather begins to hit, travelers almost unconsciously pick up the phone to call warmer climate friends seeking an invite, flock to travel Web sites, or visit a local or internet travel agency. Ft. Myers Beach's warm and welcoming environment provides the perfect escape for those dreaded winter doldrums.

Ft. Myers offers everything the overworked person in need of a little R&R needs. The white sandy Florida beaches, stunning shallow turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and gently swaying palm trees beacon travelers from the colder climates. Days are spent floating on a raft, exploring the region's parks and touring the historical Edison and Ford Museums, golfing the pristine and challenging courses, or eating a homemade ice cream cone on the pier.

Nights are spent delighting in the tastes of the Gulf and savoring the freshest catch of the day while enjoying live bands and entertainment in Ft. Myers' lively downtown district. Just about everything is within walking distance from most of the Beach's major hotels and resorts.Vacation-goers desperate to escape from the mounds of snow, icy roads, and layer upon layer of clothing are certain to find that Ft. Myers Beach offers everything they are dreaming about. More information about Ft. Myers, its beachfront hotels, and all that this warm beach town has to offer is available by visiting online "Best of" city guide,

Many travelers are so intrigued by the adventures that lie just outside of Ft. Myers that they plan day or even overnight trips to other nearby beach towns. Sanibel, one of the best shelling beaches in the world is within a short drive from Ft. Myers while historic and charming Key West is just a ferry ride away.

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